Lisa A. Beach, Orlando Freelance Writer
Lisa A. Beach, Freelance Writer

“Lisa Beach gets it! With very little direction and input, she can take a complex subject and readily kick back crystallized copy that sells, promotes, affirms, and synthesizes. I found her to be a top-notch professional, and I always like to sing the praises of those I’ve met along the way who are conscientious and talented. A good thinker, great listener and gifted writer, Lisa has the skills necessary to get the job done right. I’d hire her in a New York second!”

— Trish Harris, Institute of Internal Auditors



As a word-nerd all my life, I love crafting clever copy that helps readers solve their problems. For brands, this means I can tap into my wordsmithing skills to help you build trust with your B2B or B2C customers, making sure I capture your authentic voice. And, as my clients often tell me,  I simply “get it” when it comes to transforming complex information into practical takeaways. (Ironically, I can’t seem to master my iPhone with ever-changing iOS updates, but I digress.) Plus, I’ve got a knack for adding a dash of humor when needed.

Need a freelance writer? Hire me! My reliability and easy-to-work-with personality mean a professional, drama-free experience, from concept to final draft.

Meeting Deadlines Since 1986

When you need content written, you want a writer who can take your project and hit it out of the park for you. You want to work with a professional who can meet deadlines, understand your business and help you achieve your goals. You want a writer who can breathe life into a topic, drawing people in and forging a connection. And you want someone who’s easy to work with and can crank out great copy per your specs. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you hire me—and I’ve been at it since 1986. Want a brief overview? Check out my resume.

Orlando Freelance Writer

Like many Floridians, I’m a transplant. I grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania, lived and worked in New Jersey for 10 years, moved to Central Florida in 1998 and never looked back. I’ve put my roots down in the Orlando area, firmly entrenched in the local community. What’s not to love about the balmy climate, the nearby soft-sand beaches, and the unique mix of business, culture, and tourism that make Central Florida such a vibrant place to call home? I love to live and work where everyone else comes to vacation.

Whether you’re Florida-based or across the globe, you can count on me to tackle your writing projects until you’re thrilled with the results. A people-pleaser at heart, I want you to be happy with my work.

Humor + Copywriting = Marketing BOGO

If you’re looking for a copywriter with a sense of humor, you get a two-for-one deal when you work with me. While I’m all-business with every word I write, my ability to add a dash of humor (when appropriate) adds the differentiating touch for just-the-right projects. Evoking a laugh while you draw people into your marketing message can make your business stand out from the competition. Three powerful reasons to use humor in your marketing? It establishes rapport, triggers memorability, and gets you and your target audience on the same page.

Of course, humor doesn’t work for everything, so . . . .

Can I Write Seriously? Or, Can I Write, Seriously?

(If you’re a grammar nerd like me, you get the joke.)

But the answer to both questions is a resounding, “Hell, yeah!” Yes, I can indeed write in a serious, business-like tone and yes, I seriously can write well. In fact, I spent my entire career doing just that, as you can see for yourself in my writer’s portfolio.

On the Professional Side

As a freelance writer for 25+ years, I’ve focused primarily on marketing communications, public relations, and business writing for a variety of clients, from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, from trade/professional associations to non-profits. I’ve written copy for AT&T, Unisys, Six Flags Theme Parks, NovaCare Rehabilitation, Food Sciences Corporation, Robard Corporation, Edible Education Experience, Institute of Internal Auditors, New Jersey Association of Realtors, Dartnell, Foundations Inc., Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and more. My breadth of experience spans industries such as tourism, healthcare, publishing, real estate, education, associations, and non-profits.

How does this benefit you?
My wide range of experience makes me a very adaptable, seasoned writer. I’m as comfortable writing for the corporate world as I am for small businesses, associations, and non-profits.

Need copy for newsletters, articles, web content, brochures, blog posts, news releases, direct mail material, or corporation communications pieces? I’ve tackled these and other business and marketing communications projects targeting both internal audiences (employees, volunteers, members) and external audiences (media, community, prospects, clients). Please check out some of my writing samples and published clips in my portfolio.

In a nutshell, I’ve developed a knack for understanding a business quickly
and cranking out targeted content on deadline.

In addition, I’ve written articles and blogs for trade/consumer publications and websites (on topics such as business/writing, health/wellness, food/nutrition, lifestyle, parenting, and midlife) for Parents, Edible Orlando, Executive Officer, Florida Realtor, Purple Clover, San Diego Family, Dartnell’s Team Leader, YourTango, Communication Briefings, Orlando Family, Nonprofit World, Good Life Family, Woman’s World, Scary Mommy, Playground, Nonprofit Nuts & Bolts, Houston Family, Your Teen for Parents, Boom, Brain, Child,, Better After 50, HumorOutcasts, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, and more.

Have I been schooled? You bet! I earned my B.A. in Communications from King’s College and my M.A. in Public Relations from Rowan University.

Ready to check out my writing samples? Head over to my portfolio.

Looking to reprint some of my articles in your print or online publication? Peruse my list of reprint articles currently available for purchase in the For Editors & Publishers section on my Resources page.

Want to learn a bit more about me when I’m “off the clock”? Keep reading.

On the Personal Side

lisa beachIt helps to work with someone you know, so let me share a little bit about myself. Married for more than 25 years to my college sweetheart, I’m the mother of two teenage boys. (Yikes! These teen years are tough.) Living in Central Florida since 1998, I do miss my “northern” friends and family, but I’ll take a hard pass on the cold weather, higher taxes, and traffic circles.

I temporarily parked my career while I threw myself into the stay-at-home mom role and (gulp) also homeschooled both boys. Busy teaching young minds and building character, I focused more on family for a while. To me, motherhood is all about choice, balance, and priorities, doing what works best for my family during different seasons of my life.

With my boys now teenagers, I’m a recovering homeschool mom who lived to write about it. I jumped back into freelance writing, tackling everything from feature articles and blog posts to content marketing and web copy.

In August 2015, I launched a humor blog called Tweenior Moments as a just-for-fun, creative project. I love to make people laugh, and my blog provides me with an up-close-and-personal venue to do just that. A funny aside: my favorite humor blog post (about a memory foam mattress topper) caught the eye of a marketing rep from Naturepedic, a company that manufactures organic mattresses. They wanted to know if I’d be interested in receiving a complimentary mattress so I could sleep on it and write a review about it on my blog. Interested? In a good night’s sleep? On a free organic mattress? HELL, YEAH! Check out the humorous spin I put on my Naturepedic mattress review.)

Anyway, when I’m not writing, blogging, or playing mom, you’ll find me reading, cooking, walking, enjoying a glass of red zinfandel, volunteering with Edible Education Experience, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, hanging out in the Freelance Writer’s Den, connecting on Facebook, running to Panera Bread for a hazelnut coffee, or playing at one of the Disney theme parks.