For Prospective Clients

Grab a copy of my complimentary Freelance Information Kit, which includes a Freelancer FAQ, a brief writer’s bio, clients/experience, and fee schedule.

For Editors & Publishers

Need content? Check out my list of articles available to purchase as reprints for your print or online publications on topics such as health/wellness, parenting/family/pets, lifestyle, and more. The list includes many evergreen pieces, including service articles, humorous essays, reported features, quizzes, and listicles with word count and brief descriptions.

For Writers

Fellow freelance writers, I can’t leave you hanging! I’ve compiled a list of helpful websites, training resources, books, and products/services just for you.

Resources & Tools for Content Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, etc.

As I market my own freelance writing venture, I’m constantly finding great resources to help me manage my business better. Plus, I strive to learn something new every day about my areas of expertise so I can work smarter for my clients. As I uncover these helpful tools, templates, checklists, etc., I’d like to share them with you here. Happy learning!